Fekete Péter

Fekete Péter

Original profession:

             Magician, effect designer for theatre, film and circus.

Further education:   

            Theatre director – Great Britain – Cardiff 1994

            Teacher Training College BA – Szombathely Hungary 1995

            Theatre Studies MA – University Veszprem 2011

            Theatre Art management MA – Kijev Karpenko Kary University 2010

            PhD aspirant – Kijev Karpenko Kary University

Worked for ten years as a professional magician and effect supervisor in show business and circus art. Theatre director degree with 10 years experience in theatre direction, including several circus theatre shows. Scientific works and experience in institutional management from 2002 onwards. Worked 2 years as deputy director of the National Theatre in Budapest. Worked 8 years as general director of Jókai Theatre in Békéscsaba and Water Theatre in Szarvas. Work for two years as general and artistic director of the Capital Circus in Budapest, which is the only government owned national circus with a stone structure in Central Europe.

As a Ministerial Commissioner, my goal is to restructure circus art and create a new circus center in Hungary, which is not only for the Hungarian, but the Central European circus art as well.

2015  Jászai Prize
2015  Order of merit of Békés County
2014  King of cross from the order of merit of the Hungarian Republic
2013  Pro Kultura Szarvas
2011  Prima Price Hungary
English, Hungarian, Russian, German
Birth place and date
06 August 1963
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